Lie #5: Allergies

Everyone seems to suffer from some kind of “allergy.” It may be hayfever, a physical response to weeds or plants, intolerance to specific foods or groups of foods, or reactions to the ingredients of personal care products or medications. Allergens seem to try to invade our bodies any way they can—through what we ingest, what we breathe or what is absorbed through our skin. I have identified “allergies” as the lie in this instance because I think they mask what is really happening when our bodies react to some kind of enemy outside of us.

Consider for a moment that the allergen is not the invading enemy, but simply a catalyst that is meant to help us understand something that is already happening inside of our bodies. Our physical bodies are reacting to this substance—whether it is peanut butter, penicillin or poplar trees—not because something is inherently wrong with the substance, but because our bodies need to get our attention about something else.

Those who are familiar with energy work understand that any physical ailment represents a deeper problem—one that is usually either emotional or spiritual. Dr Bradley Nelson, author and chiropractic doctor, explained it this way: “When you feel emotion, it is not just a feeling inside you. You actually emanate the energy of that emotion. You may not be able to see it, but it has a direct impact on your health. It can not only cause emotional pain, but physical pain. Hanging onto emotions blocks your energy, holding it back like a dam, cutting off your organs from the healthy flow of vital energy they need. Emotions that stay trapped in your body can make you sick and cause you tremendous physical pain.” Even medical doctors who are not energy healers understand that emotions and pain are connected. Dr David Hanscom, orthopedic surgeon and a contributor to The Doctor Blog, writes about the close connection between emotional and physical pain: “…knowing what our patients are experiencing emotionally can be essential: Researchers have published hundreds of papers documenting the connection between pain and anxiety or depression. ‘Neurons that fire together, wire together,’ the saying goes. The areas of the brain that interpret physical and emotional distress are located in close proximity to each other, and I have indeed noticed that as long as the anxiety and anger pathways are hyperactive, there is a high probability that the associated pain pathways will remain so as well.”

If physical pain is a manifestation of emotional pain, isn’t it safe to say that any kind of physical reaction to an “allergen” can be emotionally related as well? Author Louise Hay, in many of her books, including You Can Heal Your Life, asserts that common food or environmental allergies are only a mask for what one is really allergic to. So you have an allergy. What are you really allergic to? What’s really going on under that physical reaction?

I used to have difficulty eating tomatoes. I loved them but they would cause canker sores in my mouth. I couldn’t drink milk because it would cause my stomach to hurt. Many would label these food allergies. The world would suggest that I just stop eating these foods, but once I learned about energy healing, I took some time to investigate what I was really allergic to. As a young child, when this negative reaction to tomatoes began, there were some emotional issues I had with my family situation. This “allergy” to the chaotic situation in my home caused my body to react to tomatoes. They were something I loved, just like my family was something I loved. Subconsciously I chose to avoid tomatoes because I really wanted to run away from the situation at home.

The milk allergy turned out to be something different. When I was young my family didn’t have a lot of money. At dinnertime, we children were limited to a half glass of milk with dinner. That was the only milk we were allowed because it was expensive. My childlike reaction to this situation was to tell myself I was undeserving of milk, that it was a precious commodity and I didn’t really deserve any. When I drank it later in life, my body would reject it. I have since cleared both of these childhood issues, and I can eat tomatoes and drink milk without a problem.

Seasonal allergies, or hayfever, have the same emotional root. If you have seasonal allergies, consider what else you might be “allergic” to: do you like where you live, are there environments in your life you wish would be different, are there people or situations you wish you could run away from? Look deeper into your past. The answer is there.

Seasonal and food allergies can be miserable. Springtime and chocolate ice cream were meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded and avoided. Your body should be able to handle gluten and red die #5. You have a choice in the matter. It’s your body. You can continue buying medication to suppress symptoms (thus masking the real problem) or avoid healthy foods like wheat, fruit and vegetables, or you can do some investigating and eliminate the “allergy” completely.

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.
I recognize my body as a good friend. Each cell in my body has a divine intelligence.
I listen to what it tells me, and I know its advice is valid. I am always safe, divinely protected and guided.
I choose to be healthy and free. All is well in my world.
(From Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life)

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4 thoughts on “Lie #5: Allergies

  1. Ariell says:

    This is an interesting Post. I have heard this before, but you explained it with more simplicity. Which is greatly appreciated. It gets me thinking. I have always had seasonal allergies as long as I can remember, so I can’t imagine being able to remember what may have started them. I must have been pretty small. Definitely something to consider.

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  2. Jen says:

    It IS an interesting post, Rochelle.. I agree with what you’ve said. 🙂 I did want to add, though, that it’s also useful to keep in mind that there’s more than one approach to ameliorating any illness..
    I am one who firmly believes there is a cure to EVERY illness and that those cures are already here on the Earth. Nevertheless, I have come to feel that it is not always useful to believe that ‘illness’ needs to be cured right now. Certainly one could beat oneself up (unintentionally) by thinking “i have this allergy or x illness b/c of some faulty thinking or something i’m doing wrong.” Yes that may or may not be true. BUT regardless, it is not useful to think you’re flawed just b/c you haven’t found the answer yet (the right answer for oneself).. Just sayin’ the potential is there to beat oneself up.. I’m not saying you’ve done that. I don’t believe you have.
    On my own path, though, I have ended up thoroughly confused for a while “why can’t I cure all my own issues right now? I know there are answers.. And why are there other people who don’t even seem to be looking hard for answers for their own health dilemmas or those of their children..?”
    I guess what I really wanted to add was that there is more than one approach for dealing with a given illness, and it is wise to follow the Spirit when looking for answers for yourself. [I’m not saying you didn’t already know that. I just wanted to add it.] Very interesting post!
    I think it’s also interesting to reflect on the opinions of folks who don’t want to be ‘cured.’ Specifically I’m thinking of autistic persons. A friend of mine pointed out that sometimes people who we think obviously have a health problem (or mental problem or something) don’t seem themselves that way. And THEIR opinion is valid.. Interesting to consider multiple opinions out there (and reasons for illness).. I expect there’s a lot more to it than we see or understand in this life. ;D I also think we understood it in the previous life and said “oh, that’s cool. Sounds good.”

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  3. Kristy Wegener says:

    I really liked your blog. Really interesting. I only starting getting allergies when I was older. So I really need to think about how and when they started.


  4. […] to me, I have been able to heal various pains and illnesses, like the milk and tomato “allergies” which used to be a problem but aren’t […]


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